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Monday, 25 November 2013

I Don't Want to Hear You

There is a story in the Bible about a man of God who moved to a very wicked city where he ended up being vexed daily by the wickedness of the people around him but it wasn't enough to get him to flee.  Hey, don't stop reading just because I mentioned the Bible. This is interesting! This guy's name was Lot, and he even ended up marrying one of the daughters of Sodom.  In this allegory I will be using Lot to represent the conscience of an unregenerate woman, and Lot’s wife as the person whose conscience is constantly nagging her.

Sinnah: I don’t know why I ever married you in the first place! All you ever do is nag, nag, nag!

Con: But I do wish you wouldn’t get so involved in such evil deeds!

Sinnah: Evil deeds? Like what? (She didn't wait for him to answer.) Every else is doing them, so they can’t be all that bad. (The sound of banging dishes showed that she was not at all happy at the way this conversation was going.) Look at what you made me do! Now I broke one of my best dishes! My mother gave it to me as a wedding gift!)

A knock sounded at the door.

Sinnah: Can you get that, Con? I have to clean up this mess.

Two huge, blond haired men with radiant faces stand just outside the door.

Con: Come in! Come in, you are more than welcome to stay here. Go to bed when you are ready, get up when you please!

Sinnah: (Peers around the corner, dustpan in hand, and grunts. She mutters to one of her daughters who is standing nearby.) Looks like some of those plebeian relatives of your father’s Uncle Abraham. He would ask them to stay the night!

Night falls and in the morning  before the messengers leave Con is carefully listening to them warning him about something. Sinnah is seen with her fingers in her ears. She very obviously does not want to listen.

  To be continued

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