Taking a Peek Into the Glass Castle

Welcome to the glass castle

“And they all look so beautiful in spite of the terrible weather conditions in the world around them.”

          “I wish I could go with them.” Makio’s voice throbbed with yearning.

          “That cliff is impossible to scale.” she continued, “I tried it, once.

          “Besides we don’t have the right kind of garments, “ Lakisha added, “we would never fit in.”

        A watchman on one of the towers was looking through his binoculars and scanning the surrounding countryside. His special equipment caught the glisten of a tear on Makio’s cheek. He immediately put his whistle to his lips and a silvery call floated down to them. Both girls heard it, and looked up. Hope filled their bosoms.

          “Why don’t we try going to one of their meetings?” Makio suggested.

          Lakisha looked dubious. “In these clothes?” She brushed a series of snowflakes off her arm.

          “Sure. I don’t think they will look down on us.”

          “Well we can try.” They walked slowly closer, and suddenly a conveyance materialized out of thin air as it were. It had been lowered from the tower and the watchman called; “Do you want a ride?”

          The girls looked at each other then nodded, before running over to the ski type of lift.     

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