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Monday, 13 April 2015

Radio Interview

Something very unique is happening today. Did you know there are conservative Mennonites “out there” that don’t even watch TV or own a radio? Well, as many of you very well know I am one of them but today I am going to launch out of my comfort zone. My book Mary’s Diary of Jesus’ Life is very precious to me. I think it is a beautiful, heart-warming story that thousands of people would love…if they had the opportunity to read it. When the man who is doing the audio and eBook copies of Mary’s Diary over at Hollywood Book Trailers offered to do an interview on the radio with me, I actually agreed!
This is going to be unusual. I thought I had the confidence to go through with it, but oh, boy, I am getting nervous in an excited sort of way. If you are a fellow believer please pray for me that I’ll be able to ‘wing it’ for God’s honor and glory.

10:00 Mountain Standard Time: the clocks a tickin’!
P.S. Good thing I didn't send this flying. I just got an email that the interview has been rescheduled for this week Wednesday. 10:00 eastern standard time.
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