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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Come On! We Can Do It!

Fire pits dotted the wilderness, and beside one of the basins of smoldering coals ten or fifteen young, enthused soldiers paced. Some of them were preparing their suppers but others were engrossed in animated conversation.

                “I wish we could rewrite history!” Derik exclaimed. “If I would have been there, I would have gone!”

                `Jamel shook his head disgustedly. ``They `read’ it all wrong! I`m so glad our Captain told us that story tonight. I never realized the significance of it until now.”

                “Ì really admire Caleb and Joshua, “ Derik exclaimed.  `They were so enthused: they weren`t focusing on the enemy but on the Promises.``  Someone offered him a dish of Lentil Stew but he brushed it aside.

                Jamel nodded vigorously. ``Just think! Coming back with a bunch of grapes so heavy that two men had to carry it! Didn`t anyone wonder how they managed to just walk out of the land with it if the people were so powerful? `Grapes from the promised land

                Ranke spoke up for the first time. “ It’s the same now. We are so easily intimidated or distracted by the evil forces around us.`

                "And we listen to them! `Derik said indignantly. `

                Jamel looked at his plate of food then slowly scraped it into the fire. ``We aren`t keen enough to the voice of our Captain. We hear the noise of battle and draw back. Had you noticed that when you fast and pray the King of Love gives us more power to resist the enemy?`

                "I’ve never really been into fasting,` Derik admitted. `Do you really think it makes that much difference?”

                Jamel gazed thoughtfully at the clouds shifting across the moon then back at the intent faces focused on him.

                `` Fasting, that is God-directed fasting, gives us a keener awareness of our needs and a deeper desire to win back some of the losses. ``

                `Well, let`s do it,` Irerik said enthusiastically. `Let`s fast if necessary, and do whatever else it takes to claim more victories. Here comes the Captain, let`s ask His advice.”

                The Captain laid His hand on the young man`s shoulder and listened to him explain what they had been talking about.

                ``Yes, it is true that our forefathers had their eyes focused in the wrong direction,` he agreed.   “It was a land of Promises that the King of Love was offering them, but they were focusing on the dangers."

He picked up a stick and broke it in half before tossing it into the fire. `But they were partly right. They were a bunch of undisciplined soldiers unused to instant obedience to a Higher Authority.  It took forty years training in the wilderness to prepare them to even begin to invade the land, and it still is not totally conquered.`

                `We are a new generation,` Jamel  said thoughtfully. `Let`s make a pact that we will `lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily besets us and conquer more land. ``

                `Claim more promises,’ Kalel said solemnly.

                `Bring back those who have been captured,”  Derik declared.

                ``And add new recruits.’ 

They solemnly shook hands. They committed their lives to wholehearted service to the King of Love.

Let`s join them.

Part of the Glass Castle Series
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