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Monday, 3 November 2014

An 'Easier' Way

 Part of the Glass Castle Series

The Glass Castle glistened high and bright on top of the towering cliff where it was situated. Even from a distance it appeared to be a bee hive of activity. Let’s zoom in closer and see some of what is going on.

                “Lend me the binoculars, chum. I want to see what you are so intently focused on.”
Dov handed the powerful glasses to the fellow watchman but his face was grave.
                Is it an enemy approaching? Marconious wondered, but no, it was one of their own that Dov had been looking at. Marconious adjusted the power to suit his eyes better then after another long, searching gaze, handed it back.
                “That is Craig, alright.”
                Dov nodded and polished the lenses with a special cloth. “No wonder we haven’t seen him around more lately.” The two youthful soldiers were silent, each thinking of their companion far in the distance. Doesn’t he realize his armor is tarnished: that by being way out there all alone he is exposing his back to the enemy?
                “Did you see how he keeps heading for the new ‘castle’ that has sprung up so hastily?”
                “Aye, but with furtive steps as if he is feeling half guilty.”’
                “But, if he is like all the others that we have lost he will become more bold and confident.”
                The stalwart young men were about to turn away when they each felt a hand on their shoulders.
                It was Titus, one of their leaders. Dov handed the spy glasses to their beloved watchmen and told them they had caught sight of Craig. There were tears in Titus’ eyes as he lowered the tool.
                Craig had been hastily wiping his mouth with his sleeve after someone more zealous than he had given him a drink from a broken cistern. For a moment he had looked slightly nauseated but then his chin lifted and a certain glint came into his eye.
                “How can he find the water satisfying after drinking from the Fountain of Life?” Dov lamented.
                “It has a slightly sweet flavor, I am told,” Titus responded, “And is addicting.”
                “Did you find the castle attractive?” Marconious’ eyes shifted when they met Titus’ searching look.
                “For a moment, sir.” He admitted.
                Titus’ hand tightened on his shoulder. “It is good that you admit it. If you go to the Great Physician He will prescribe some eye salve that will help you to see the castle as it really is, but only if you want to. As you well know He does not force anyone to use any of his remedies. “
                One week later the same two boys were once again on watch guard duty.
                “Did you try the ointment Sir Titus recommended?” Dov asked.
                Marconious nodded. “Yes, every day, and now I can see the castle as it really is.”
                “Aye, but it is a flimsy structure. There are hardly any boulders of truth holding it together, but the wood, hay and stubble has been cleverly camouflaged to look like genuine stones.”
                Marconious handed the glasses to his companion. “See if you can spot Craig.”
                “He has lain off his armor!” Dov exclaimed.
                “And is wearing some light-weight leather material that is not what he would consider so burdensome. “
                “At least he still has on the helmet of salvation.”

                “At a rakish angle and with holes in it. “  Marconious’ voice was grim. “We must entreat the King of Love to let us go down there to invite him back.”
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