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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

He's Come! Yeshua Has Arrived!

Festival of lights
25th  Kislev
December 9th

He’s come! Yehoshua has come! I cannot begin to express my
gratitude, and adoration! What a privilege it is to be the first one to
hold the treasured Son of God. Oh dear, tears are running down my
face again! He is so precious. I just can’t say it enough. It tugs at my
heart strings when I see how incredibly tiny and helpless He, the Son
of El’Shaddai, is.

I wanted to cradle Him longer, much longer, but Yosef yearned to
hold Him also. Yosef is sitting in the straw nearby, and it makes me
rejoice to see the man I adore cuddling the most wonderful Baby in
the world.

25th  Kislev
December 9th
This has been a strange and wonderful night. Yosef and I had no
desire to sleep so we leaned against each other, gazing adoringly at
the wide-eyed baby in our arms. I half wished that Yeshua (how quickly
we have shortened His name!) would cry so I could cuddle and
hush him gently with a lullaby or two. But He was so wide awake and calm;
looking at us with those warm, beautiful eyes of His.

 I almost think He knows who we are; but do not all fond parents imagine their
babies are smarter than they are capable of being? Who knows, maybe this
one is. It will be interesting and delightful raising such a sweet boy. If
I ever have another one, it will be much too easy to compare him with
Yeshua, I fear.

It has been so cozy, almost homey in the cave tonight. A tiny, sweet
faced kid scampered over to us, and stared at our tiny
boy inquisitivelyWhen our baby made a soft mewing sound, the goat looked so
surprised that I started to giggle.

Earlier, we heard some brawlers carrying on. They made me feel most
uncomfortable, but someone must have told them to either be quiet
 or leave so those of us who would sleep could sleep. There are
others sharing our crowded quarters but they are far enough away that
we are afforded some privacy. It is so calm and peaceful now, with a
little halo of light from the lantern surrounding our little family.

Hark! I hear something faintly in the distance! It’s music,
like singing, or chanting perhaps. It must be the loveliest melodic sounds this world has ever heard. What can it mean?

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